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1. Thank you guys for your help. Honestly, at first, I am not comfortable having a moving company. I thought it is just a simple trick so you can have money. But when you explained to me my benefits and what you can do, I tried your service and it was amazing. Besides, I am just paying minimums for my loads. My plan is to finish my move in 5 hours but you made it only two! I did not worry because the packing service you offered are awesome. All are safe. You are really a big help.

-- Kim, Vancouver

2. This moving company is the best for me. Compared to my last moving activity, this was the most memorable moving experience. Your movers are very friendly. I did not have any concerns regarding their job. I am just happy because a true service is professionalism on how you do your job and interact to your customer. You were good in entertaining people that as well. All in all you did a great moving service. I know my new apartment is located on 8th floor but still you did it without any scratch or damage to my items. Thank you.

-- Xian, Vancouver

3. Hi guys! This was my first time to move with my wife. I don’t even know what I am going to do. You did a great job. You took care of our precious things specially our furniture. You charge me very cheap compared to the service you gave. Besides, I am very comfortable because you covered our move with insurance. Everything was good and the move went smoothly. There is not a single damage to my belongings. Thumbs up!

-- Richard, Vancouver

4. You were the best movers I have met. Thank you for the successful move you did for me. It was fun and perfect move.

-- Marie, Vancouver

5. Thanks for the flawless move yesterday. You were professional and you have done my move smoothly. Excellent job guys!

-- Ernest, Vancouver

6. Awesome experience and why try moving yourself. I will never again move myself, these guys took care of my property like it was there own. For the quoted price, I was most satisfied for what was done and nothing broken. For a stress free move call Vancouver Moving, these guys are the professionals you need in a move.

-- Dave Hillyer, Vancouver

7. Usually moving is an extremely stressful thing to go through, but with Vancouver Moving my experience was super-fast, clean and stress free. Honestly I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. They movers were very diligent and careful with my items and at the same time very fast. Usually you should expect at least one Item or box being damaged however with Vancouver Moving, not one of my items were damaged! Overall I had a great experience with Vancouver Moving and would definitely recommend them to friends and family.

-- Filip Treu, Vancouver

8. I would definitely recommend this company. When I had to move my things to my sister’s house, never in my mind that it would be that easy. Movers were nice and it was the first time we had them. It was nice to work with them and we hope more jobs for you.!

-- Markus Hartman, Vancouver

9. So happy with the how nice the movers were to me and my girlfriend, and they showed care for our personal items. They were on time, and spoke very respectfully to us. They worked in a very fast and efficient manner. Thanks again!

-- Ernest, Vancouver

10. Moving is very stressful but with you guys, it all went well.I really like the service They made the entire process super easy for us so we had an overall smooth experience with no typical nightmares associated with moving . Thanks

-- Micheal dallas, Vancouver